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 No Fads, No Gimmicks, Just Science

Ernie is an incredible and dedicated instructor. In a world where there are so many people making claims of their strengths and experience it's great to know that I can say with confidence I've found the right one. Trying to find the best trainers is tough enough but when you add physical conflicts it makes it even more difficult, but he has such a great insight to how conditions can vary from day-to-day when you are struggling with disability. With an ability to accommodate and change based on need as well as compassion and empathy I couldn't imagine finding a better program or trainer to help me through my MS. Ernie is so very capable I recommend him to others with different conditions as well because I know he is the best at what he does. Jennifer Dempsey, 6-23-20


I first met Ernie over 5 years ago at the Hamilton, NJ YMCA.  He was the developer and instructor of a One Step Exercise program for people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  In developing this program, he was able to bring his knowledge of MS (his wife, Nancy has this disease) to tailor this program to the MS community.  MS affects every patient DIFFERENTLY.  Within our class we have patients that use canes, wheelchairs, leg braces and no assistive devices. – a wide range of (dis)abilities. 

Ernie is the consummate fitness professional.  He understands dealing with the different abilities of program members.  He adapts exercises to suit the abilities of the individual class members.

Ernie had developed a variety of workouts to provide strength, balance, cardiologic exercises.

Because of my participation in this program, my overall strength, stamina, and balance have all improved.

I continue these workouts on my own at home during COVID.

I highly endorse Ernie and have become a close friend as a result of this program.


Michael S. Pawelczak, 6-23-20


"Working with you, Ernie is by far the best decision I have ever made. Being overweight, or as diagnosed by my doctor “morbidly obese”, for most of my adult life, I have tried pretty much every diet there is to try. I was sucked into the “fads” and as you like to call it “the magic pill gimmick”. None of which were a long-term solution for my increasing waistline and decreased health. With two young daughters, I knew that I needed to do something.

Knowing you professionally for many years, I knew that you were easy to talk to and fun to be around, but openly discussing my weight loss needs and asking for your help took me a while. I cannot tell you how comfortable you made me feel during our first phone conversation. I was immediately at ease with you and able to discuss things that I had never been able to open up about with anyone else.
Over the past (almost) 5 months, you have taught me how to make the best possible choices in regard to my diet. Reviewing my Meal Plan Worksheet daily and responding with new ideas, thoughts and suggestions is what keeps me motivated and accountable each day.

Your positive attitude is infectious. You make me want to workout harder and give you the 100% that you give to me and to all of your clients. Because of you, I am (currently) 33 pounds lighter and four pant sizes smaller than I was when I first asked for your help.

I still have a long way to go, but I am confident that I will reach all of my goals, because with you guiding and encouraging me every step of the way, there is nothing that I cannot do." - Giulia Kirsch, 4-26-14

"Well... onto extremely good news!!!!   Went to my doctor yesterday to get test results.  My cholesterol went from 258 down to 165!  My Triglycerides from 142 to 70.  Blood pressure from 130 over 95 to   100 over 70..... and I am down about 10-15 pounds from when he saw me.  My Cholesterol is the lowest it has ever been since I started meds in 2009.   You truly are a life savor and just adds more fire to my motivation to keep healthy.   Thank you!" - Adam Kirsch, 4-16-14

"Thank YOU, Ernie! Your consistent optimism, integrity, genuine care for your clients, and your steady drive for quality success are just a few character traits that inspire and push me when it gets tough. I believe when you find something (or someone) that can make a positive impact on the lives of others you should provide your full endorsement! Yes, 2014 is going to be very big... I look forward to continued growth in our friendship, as well as our business ventures." - Sean Flower, ACT Now Consulting, LLC, 12-29-13

So I was skeptical.  Not because I didn’t want to commit to working out – but because I already worked out so much.  I tossed around for a year whether I should ask you to guide me in my workouts.  What could you possibly do for me that I wasn’t already doing? I was doing hours of aerobic exercise every day, lifting weights twice a week, cross training….what was left?

Well after not seeing the changes in my body that I wanted and that I expected from my efforts I decided to see if you could help or maybe just enhance my workouts. I thought I would consult with you for maybe a month and then move on. Even after our first hour session of just getting to know each other, what my goals were, where was I currently, as thorough as you were with your 3 page sheet of information on me – I was still not sure you could help.

What an eye opening I had! I have to say, my thoughts changed 180 degrees within the first week.  Your attention to detail, making sure I didn’t just “pick things up and put them down” but understood the physiology of what I was doing;  how each muscle works, why they work, when they won’t work, just blew me away. I was 200% more knowledgeable within 1 week of working out with you. 

But now to the big issue – did your workouts change me? Did my body respond differently? Was I getting the results I wanted?  The answer to this is a resounding YES! Within weeks not only could I see more definition (one of my goals) but others were noticing. I felt stronger, I was stronger. The interval training, Tabata’s, isolating muscle exercises were paying off big time.  Your enthusiasm is contagious, you were tough and encouraging, you made me want to do more and do better!

The fact that you tracked every workout was proof positive of my progress.  You made sure I was never bored, you challenged me at every step yet were extremely cognizant of making sure I stayed free of injuries.

To say I was satisfied was an understatement. You really did open my eyes to a new world of exercise and healthy lifestyle. I would recommend you to anyone at any level. You customized each and every workout to help me achieve my specific goals based on my current level of fitness and lifestyle.  And the best part is that you always, always had a smile on your face and managed to make even the hardest workouts fun.

The only thing left to say is Thank you.

Terry Dearden, 6-17-13

"There truly are NO WORDS to express what you've done to help me - I warned you I was getting all mushy over here!!!!

Thank you so much for all you continue to do for me. You were quick to find my weaknesses, but even quicker at showing me how to make them strengths! I no longer need to ask for help with routine tasks – I’m strong enough to do them myself. Just last week, the leg exercises you showed me gave me the ability to prevent a serious trip and fall accident, a similar one resulted in a trip to the emergency room and weeks in pain in the past. I never could have done this without the gains I’ve made with your conscientious guidance.

Everyone says that successful weight loss and good health occur with diet and exercise, but this isn't entirely true.

True weight loss and good health occur with diet, exercise and ERNIE!!

I have a lot more - like who woulda thunk that I could lift anything over a 10 pound dumbbell.... And let's not forget the "push up"!" - Rose Richer, RN, McGuire AFB Clinic, 5-30-13

"Ernie is an amazing trainer. He is always doing what’s best for his clients health. He is not out for the money. I started seeing Ernie because I wanted to loose a few pounds and get in shape. After about four months of working with Ernie I had lost 20 lbs. and felt great. He had me write down everything I was eating so I could see where I was going wrong. I didn’t always listen and do what he told me but when I did I could see a huge difference in the way I felt and looked. He always says “you can’t out run a poor diet”.

As for the workouts, they were tough but Ernie keeps you motivated with his up beat attitude and friendly but strong encouragement. You never have to worry when he pulls out the heavy weights but when he pulls out the light dumbbells you know it is going to be a rough exercise. I always feel great after the work out. Even after doing exercises I hate (Bulgarian slit squats). He knows how to work you out without making you sore. Even on days that I didn’t want to go to the gym I would show up and after just a few minutes of working out Ernie would make it fun and start my day off on a good note.

If you want a trainer that cares about his clients and gives 100% every time then Ernie is the one. I can’t say enough about him and how amazing he is as a trainer." - Tiffany Wright, Browns Mills, 5-12-11

"With thirty extra pounds, increasing appetite and aversion to exercise, I realized, in my late thirties, I was heading down the wrong path. Besides helping shed excess pounds, Ernie, through his belief in me and enthusiasm for fitness, changed the way I see food, exercise, and weight training. If facts solidify my testimonial, here are a few:

I slimmed from a size 12 to an 8. I went from my inability to do ANY pushups to pumping out two dozen. I increased my dumbbell bench presses from 5 pounds to 30 pounds. Due to an injury, I had given up on running, then I started walking/running at 15 min/miles and now I am running (without walking) at 11:30 min/mile.

My improvements are noticeable on a weekly basis. But the most notable and exciting fact I can share is that I WANT to exercise, eat better, lift weights, and run. I could not have steered myself onto the right path without Ernie's expertise and support...and that's a fact!"  - Ana, Mt. Holly, NJ, 2/5/11

"Hello Everyone,
My name is Alex. I have been working out on and off for about 6 years now, but routinely now for the last year and a half.  Like a lot of people I used to succumb to the all the old body building methodologies. To my surprise I never felt or saw a great physical change. This would lead me to get so frustrated and discouraged that I would take months off at a time.  That is until a year and a half ago when I asked Ernie for some advice. 

At first I have to admit I was a little skeptical, I was drilled into my head that there was only one way to workout.  None the less I took Ernie's advice and started a beginners workout that he developed for me.  The day he sent that workout to me was the first day of my "transformation" and now I see and understand the science that is involved. 

You see what no one knows and what most personal trainers won't tell you is that the science is the most important aspect.  What might work for me won't necessarily work for you. What most trainers will do is pool together a bunch of clients who may be the same height, body weight, etc... and develop one work out for them.  With Ernie you'll get an INDIVIDUAL program geared toward YOUR body. 

What makes Ernie so great (other than his knowledge and personality) is he wants to show you the way and get you to that point where you can do it all on your own.  HOW MANY TRAINERS DO THAT!!!!!!!!  So that's my story and my input, hopefully some of you who visit his website will read this and it will inspire you to change your approach to your workouts and try something different.  I'm 28 yrs old and I'm in the best physical shape I've ever been........just wish I knew this stuff at 21!!"
-  Alex Scott, Brick NJ. 5-11-10

"Ernie, thank you soo much for all the help. From the beginning of the session all the way to end of the class, you were there for us. You have an unremarkable knack for making people feel comfortable and at ease in uncomfortable environments. That in itself is a gift. The kind money can't buy. I appreciate how you show loyalty and devotion in your assisting Dr. Jack and can only imagine how your clients must feel. It was honestly a pleasure meeting you this weekend and I look forward to checking on you from time to time. Be encouraged my friend. Wishing you the best.

In Fitness, (LOL)"
Earl Washington
(ISSA Seminar, 2-27/28-10)

Dear Ernie,
I believed I was stuck having to work out 2 hours a day, 5 days a week in order to get fit.  Then I hired you and you taught me a smarter and quicker way to get the same results.  You taught me the perfect form for each exercise, which I now know is vital.

In the 2 months I worked out with you I lost 9 pounds and I didn't even work out as often as I should have.  I can also see more muscle definition, especially in my legs.

I still find myself cursing your name under my breath during super sets.  But deep down inside I know it is good for me.  When I walk out of the gym now (after my 45 minute workout) I notice a pep in my step and despite "looking like a wreck" I feel GREAT!
I will continue to recommend you to friends & family.
Thank you for everything!
Tina Holdsworth.
McGuire AFB

Ernie Razzano: Not Your Average Physical Trainer

        When I first started working with Ernie Razzano, my initial expectation was simply to liven up my workouts. I was bored…..and I didn’t feel as though I was making any progress. I am a 43 year old woman who has been physically active my entire life, and I knew I could push myself hard, but needed some inspiration. I found that inspiration from Ernie.

         I have worked previously over the years with other physical trainers, but never one like Ernie. He stands out among all others, in my experience. There are several reasons for this. One, he is extremely knowledgeable about the way the human body works. For example, he knows all of the muscle groups, and understands how each functions. In our workouts together, he would explain the purpose of these muscle groups, and with each exercise, would continue to reiterate what muscle was being worked. He emphasized the importance of focusing on the particular muscle as I was working on. He also stressed eating well, and how important it is to fuel our bodies with good foods. As a result, I gained a greater awareness and appreciation of how my own body functioned.

          Secondly, perfect form is paramount to Ernie. To him, the number of reps isn’t what is important, but maintaining proper form for each rep is crucial. He always told me not to focus on the number…..focus on keeping perfect form. As soon as I would lose my form, he would have me stop immediately. Ernie made me realize that muscle fatigue is what makes me stronger, not muscle failure. Bringing yourself to failure is how injuries occur. “If you bring yourself to muscle failure, you will fail!”

          Ernie is the kind of trainer who is completely invested in his clients. He goes above and beyond. When I workout with Ernie, I know his mind is not wandering, or that he would rather be somewhere else. He is dedicated to helping others succeed. His encouragement helped drive me through my workouts, and I always felt strong and exhilarated after each session.

I have experienced terrific results….I am stronger, leaner, more knowledgeable, and I feel good about the way I look. What has been particularly rewarding is having others notice the physical change in my physique as well. This certainly helps keep me motivated! Anyone would be extremely fortunate to have Ernie as a trainer; he’s truly the best!

Thank you Ernie for all your time and energy….I will miss you!!

-Elizabeth Burnham - 16 September, 2009




"The biggest thing Ernie has taught me is how to work out smarter. I’ve gotten more from Ernie’s 45 min workout, than I did with those 2 hr workouts. For education and motivation, Ernie is your man.

Thanks Ernie!"

- Rich Thomas, McGuire AFB






"Ernie you are one of the most professional people I know in any endeavor. I worked out with you and wouldn’t have been as successful as I was without your training. Your unique knowledge on nutrition and sports and precise training helped me to recover from my shoulder impingement injury and my spinal joint dysfunction. Thanks to your preparation I was able not only to take and pass my APFT but to successfully graduate army combative trainer class. I know I will look to you throughout my career for guidance. Thanks Ernie"  Oussama Halty,  McGuire AFB, NJ

"I Dont really
know how to write something so well deserved, but
here it goes;

I work at mickey d's and things can get out of hand..I will make up my mind before going in for my shift; "A salad with grilled chicken." But then as I start to get hungry I smell the Big Mac, The Quarter Pounder with cheese and the Fries; cant forget about them fries. So since its all free ( yay!! for employee meals) I go for it;
1. I haven't had anything to eat really all day, 2. It's free, and 3. God didnt put fast food on this earth for it to be rejected.

So as sink my teeth into my 5 star fast food meal, I start to realize maybe I should have stuck with the salad. I could barely stand or sit up right, I was lagging in performace, and there was suddenly an additional 8 pounds added to my already round frame. So now it receives no stars because of the after effect. And when I wake up it's still there.

Meeting up with Ernie is truly one of the best things I could have done for myself. At first I was concerned about losing the weight quickly. (Who wants to go to college looking like the pillsbury dough boys cousin? haha not me). My goal wasn't really all that realistic because when taking on your weight you take on your habits too. Ernie opened my eyes to the world of calories and muscle building. My vocabulary has expanded in the sense of knowing my muscle groups and what they're all about. My calorie intake was unknown, but didnt bother hiding when it came time to get on the scale. I learned that body mass was more important and that muscle helps to burn fat.

What I liked about my sessions with Ernie was that it was fun, it was hard but we laughed
alot and got through it. I learned alot about myself and what I can do. Like most people when it came time for me to demonstrate the exercises I was all about getting it over with, but Ernie taught me steady and accurate so that my muscle's where being conditioned properly and not abused. Ernie was like a breath of fresh air with a twist and was always in my face about what my food diaries would look like, he took no crap and inspired my to do better. He informed me about the choices I was making with foods and then told me why it's not a good choice. Sometimes I can be a little slow in the head about these things but I really needed to hear that. I appreciate that about him. Everything he tells me is always backed up, there is a reason. I will continue to practice the things that he advises me to do because I trust him. I dont think I could have found a better trainer in the whole wide world and he is officially one of my favorite people ever."
   Ms Paris Love, Northern Burlington HS, Class of 2009!

"I am 60 years old, and allowed myself to become overweight and really out of shape.  I was introduced to Mr. Razzano thru a co-worker telling me how much he could help me.  I had never worked with a personal trainer before, so was not sure what to expect.  All I can say is he was right!  The first thing Mr. Razzano did was make me feel good about how he could help me.  His professionalism, enthusiasm, dedication, and his devotion to the person made working with Mr. Razzano a great experience.  He taught me the correct way to accomplish losing weight with guidance and support, and the correct way to use the exercise equipment to ensure I was getting the most benefit from it.  In the short time I have been with Mr. Razzano, I've lost inches off my waist, dropped over 20 lbs, and have gained strength all over my body.  Working with Mr. Razzano was the right thing to do.  Without hesitation I highly recommend Mr. Razzano's program to all who want to get healthy and do it correctly.  Thank you Ernie!"  Mr. Andy Miller, McGuire AFB, NJ

"Today, 4 Dec 08, my trainer really earned his salary.  I have been working out with Ernie for quite a while and have seen results and while it is still not one of my top 5 things to do, I do recognize the value so I perservere.  Yesterday I hit the wall and was at the point of giving up and walking away.  I figured I owed him one last session to explain why, so I set up to keep my Friday appointment.  Little did I think that in his "over the head with a hammer" subtle manner that I would be invigorated but I was!  It was at that point that I truly understood what he does for me.  It is NOT the work me like a dog workouts, the gallons of blood and sweat that he pulls out of me at each meeting, but it is the never give up on yourself attitude he exudes that keeps you going.

If you are at a point where you are tired, burned out, ready to give up, I would implore you to hire this trainer for a couple of sessions!  He will bring you back to the place where you will move beyond yourself to a higher (maybe lower if you are doing squats) place and keep going.

As stated, I still have not felt the endorphins kick in (no high for me :)) but I feel good enough to go back in the gym tomorrow, that is what Ernie does and why he is worth every dime!  Yes he is still a pain in my abs, triceps, lats and other body parts but he has become so much more that I can overlook the challenging parts.  Thanks Ernie"  Lt. Col, Alfreda Borden-Ealy, McGuire AFB, NJ


I had to thank you (believe it or not you are the first I am replying to) after our huge, amazing, transformative weekend.  Even Wayne DeMilia (who has met/worked with every celebrity on earth) told me the next day, "these are special people Jack.  I finally understand your devotion to them and teaching."  Believe me Ernie, coming from Wayne, that took me back a bit...

Your helping me teach at LEAST Muscle Mastery as we planned, and I suspect there is much more excitement to come, Ernie.

Again, thank you pal.  You are remarkable and special to us all.  I'm proud to call you a dear friend and tremendous support.

Dr. Jack"

"For years, my trainer - supplier of custom workouts, grueling sets, and seemingly never-ending cardio adjuncts; my teacher - explaining the five R's of fitness, the location of the soleus, and why you shouldn't eat a glazed donut before a workout; my taskmaster - pushing harder than I want to go, showing me the importance of counting the repetitions myself, and raising the bar when I thought it was already high enough; my friend - constantly offering words of encouragement; e-mails to check on you and make sure you haven't fallen off the wagon, and that mischievous grin that signals progress - well deserved, well earned.  Ernie - master trainer."  Sheran (Mac) McNeil Johnson, LPN, Shelton Ham, PA

I came into Mr. Razzano's program very optimistic, seeking structure and a jump start into a healthier lifestyle.  Specifically, I wanted to learn the proper techniques for weight training.  My son Alex highly recommended Mr. Razzano's program after getting to know him, and seeing him in action in the gym.  I had never worked with a personal trainer before and felt it should make a difference.  Well, Mr. Razzano made all the difference.

He was professional from the start.  He was courteous, caring, and incredibly well informed about the body.  (I have no idea how he remembers all those technical names for muscle groups and body parts, but he does.)  He is also tough when he needs to be, never hesitating to provide challenging workouts and guidance when it comes to poor food selections.  Of interest to me was how current Mr. Razzano was with respect to medical, health and fitness issues.  His website and informative e-mails are evidence of this.  He obviously takes the time to read and stay current in his field.

I believe you have to feel good about what you do.  Well, Mr. Razzano has a knack for making you feel like you're the only one in the gym.  You're not self-conscious, or just want to give it all you got, and you feel good about that.  In closing, Mr. Razzano is a teacher whose classroom is the gym.  He enthusiastically provides fitness lessons in lifestyle adjustments.  He keeps the lines of communication open, and you never feel like you are bothering him.  I would absolutely recommend his made a difference; he made the difference." Frances Dutton, School Teacher, Eastampton, NJ

I first came to notice Mr. Razzano one day when he was educating his clients at the gym on nutrition. I found out the he was a certified fitness trainer. It just happens that a few days later he came into my place of employment. I approached him and told him that I over heard him with one of his clients and asked if he can fit me in his schedule. He was able to accommodate my request.

What I have learned from Mr. Razzano is that  proper nutrition and weight training go hand in hand. I also have learned the proper technique in lifting weights and what each machine works what body parts.  I plan to take what I have learned to the next level in my new life style change."   Toni Castro, Cookstown, NJ.

"I started training with Ernie because during my pregnancy I gained 50 LBS and unfortunately it
didn't all go away after I gave birth!  I never knew how to eat right or exercise right because I never need to prior to my pregnanacy.  18 months later, I was still having trouble getting my weight down and knew I must be doing something wrong.  I needed to find someone with the knowledge and expertise to help me.  So, I found Ernie!

Since strating with Ernie I have learned how to choose healthier meals and how to exercise correctly.  I have lost weight, I look better, and I feel better about myself.  Got some good news!!  I was trying on some jeans and I found an old pair-size 6 and tried them on and they fit!!  I can button them and everything.  4 months ago I couldn’t even get a size 6 past my thighs…so it’s an accomplishment!!! 
Thanks Ernie!!" Cara Barnhart, Ft. Dix, NJ.



"I came to Ernie wanting to not only lose weight, but to gain some knowledge and skill to keep with me and help me stay healthy and fit for the years to come.  I definitely got what I was looking for.  Ernie helped me understand the reason behind the exercises, and gave me information to keep my diet on track as well.  I came out of my training a little lighter and a lot stronger!  Thanks Ernie!!"  Leah Patrick, McGuire AFB, NJ.

"Ernie, thanks for the inspiration and I couldn't have asked for a more professional and outstanding personal trainer, so glad I made that phone call when I did!!"  Lateasha Sass, Plainfield, NJ.

"Since I have been working with Ernie my pushups score has improved by 75% (Army Fitness Test).  I have gotten much stronger overall and Ernie has been helping me with improving my flexibility.  Training with Ernie has been a great professional investment!" 
Micah Thompson, Lt. US Army Reserve, Ft. Dix, NJ.

"At 51 years old, I have come to enjoy the benefits of exercising.  Thanks to a good friend, Ernie Razzano.

I never exercised and enjoyed food whenever.  About 2 years ago, I was unhappy with how I looked and felt.  The clothes I wanted to wear just didn't fit or look right.

I knew I had to do something.  I worked with professional trainer, Ernie Razzano, who would provide valuable information about diet, exercise and cardio (sometimes more information than I could comprehend)! LOL

I would say that my first real reason for starting to exercise was not so much to lose weight but to simply feel better--mentally.  I realized that the exercise was a great stress-reliever and I felt great afterwards.  I started out slow (just a couple miles a week--nothing strenuous).  I am now able to comfortably walk/run between 9 and 12 miles a week.

Although I am not crazy about dieting, I am more aware of the foods I shouldn't eat.

I feel great now and understand that there is no such thing as getting fit without the work.  I am still working at it and my perspective has changed.   Oh, and I get more compliments now at 51 than I did years ago.  So it's "never too late". THANKS Ernie!"    Diane Donahue, Secretary, Langhorne, PA.

"Ernie is an excellent one to work with.  He is very dependable and professional.  He finds answers to questions that one might have.  Ernie actually introduced my son to the ISSA Trainer Program." 
Karen Hansen, Secretary, Hamilton, NJ.

"I really enjoyed our workout sessions and you taught me a lot and made me really look at how I did things wrong in the past...I do see physical results...thanks for taking the time to help me prepare for the PT ahead I really think what I learned will help me a lot in getting to the physical shape I desire. Thanks Ernie!"  Brandon Jackson, McGuire AFB, NJ.

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